😍 ANJA DUBLER: 1 jour avec une finaliste du Swiss Athletics Sprint ➡️ projet jeunesse de la fédération nationale: https://www.facebook.com/ATHLEROMAND/posts/2096778680452413

🎬 @ATHLE_ch pour @SwissAthletics

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The #DiamondLeague today releases a provisional calendar for the 2021 season, which will see a return to a full schedule of 14 meetings culminating in a winner-takes-all season finale in Zürich.

For dates and more information, click below 👇


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Irene Pusterla Episode 5/8 "Objectif JO 2012" à lire ici: https://www.athle.ch/2020/11/23/athle-ch-vintage-biographie-29/

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